Bruce Springsteen today and tomorrow

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for so long. The wait is now over. Today July 4 Bruce Springsteen will have his first concert on Ullevi in Gothenburg, Sweden. The weather is sunny with temps around 25C and no clouds in sight. The concert starts at 21:00 so I still have to wait couple […]

Snow snow snow

Last night it started to snow. And It snowed alot. Here it’s liked it looked like around 21:00 yesterday. And here is a picture from this morning. Big difference. But it started to rain around 12:00 today and the most of the snow is gone. Maybe there will be some left if the temp falls […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and I wish you all a great 2008. Short summary of 2007. We got a bad storm “PER” in January which caused alot of damage in souther parts of Sweden. In April I met my girlfriend and her friend. The summer was very bad. We got some nice days but most of […]

My new laptop

As promised here is my new toy #2. A brand new MACBOOK 13,3″ laptop. Macbook box MacBook startup The specs: 120Gb Harddrive, 4 Gb Ram, Dual-Layer DVD, running Leopard + Bootcamp with XP. Always wanted a MAC and I got this one at a good price so it’s my new toy.

My new cam

Finaly I decided to buy a new camera. I choosed the Canon 400D with 18-55 lens for now. The price was really good and since Canon has now a CASH BACK promotions untill Dec 31 2007 the choice was easy. Here is a picture of the camera. Hopefully I’ll post some of my creations here […]