Bruce Springsteen tickets

Today was the day when tickets for Bruce Springsteen concert in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 4 2008, were released. After 3hours in freezing cold weather I got 4 tickets. 😀
I got one of the last ones. 40000 tickets were sold out within 30minutes. Talk about being lucky.

Can you imagine that there were some people waiting for the tickets since 1,5 day before the release? Yesterday we had some really shitty weather with rain and very low temps. They are crazy but of course they also got the best tickets. But I don’t care. I got mine 😀

Last time I saw Bruce Springsteen was summer 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The weather was
great and the it was a concert to remember. I hope for the same feeling next summer.

This day is so far great!!

Over and out for now…

Work time

Today is already wednesday. Damm.. I hate when time is just flying by and I have no idea what todo to slow it down.

Weekends party was great. Alot of people (girls) and later on we went out and god even more drunk than before. I admit that I didn’t feel so good on sunday but I manage to go with 2 friends to an outlet shopping center. It was a nice day.

Monday was the day I needed to finish my tax papers. Now it’s done and hopefully they will get approved without any problems. 🙂 In the evening I drank a nice single malt whiskey and had a nice cigarr on my balkony and watching the sunset.

Cigarr and whiskey in the sunset

Yesterday I didn’t do much. Watched some “bad” movies such as Lake Placid 2 and 200 punds beauty (korean movie). The second one was better then the first one.

It’s nice that this week has only 3 working days. In the weekend I’m invited to a party at a friends place. She is turning 30 but the good thing is that she doenst look like 30. And the best thing of all. I’ll be the only guy there with approx. 7-9 girls or so. 😀

Back to work again.

Finaly friday

It’s friday again and today we have some great weather as well. It’s sunny and the temp is around 20C. I’m so glad that I only work half day 😀 I have some things to take care of today.

First of all I need to buy necessary liquid 😉 for tomorrow’s party at friends place. It’s their “moving together” party. I wish those girls all the best. 🙂

Today I also need to fix my hair so I will stop by hairdresser for a touchup. Need to look good for tomorrow and the next 2 weeks as well. Will be alot of parties now.

Also I’m meeting up with a friend to have some food and then help her to choose new furniture for her kitchen. Will see what will happen afterwards..

Back to work. See you..


Already in the middle of week. That’s good since I’m looking forward saturday and a party with some friends. Two of them have just recently moved together.

This week has been so far good. The weather has been nice and the temp is going up and I like it. Today we expecting temps around 20C and more later on this week.

Monday was OK day. I went to the gym already that day since I was going to meet up a friend on Tuesday for some coffee after work but cancelled just 2 hours before we should meet. Somehow I already knew she would do that. Girls!! 😉

Today I have more todo at work and after work I’m meeting up with some friends to go to the Museum of World culture to have a look at the exhibition about trafficing. It will be interesting.

Oh well.. back to work for now.

Summary week 16

Monday was a little crazy at work since I was out traveling last week. I also helped a friend with her mouse problems.
Not THAT kind of problems. LOL. It took me 15min to figure out what the problem and she was happy again. 🙂

Alot of work. After work I was at the local gym to pump up my muscles. haha

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