My new toy

Finaly I got my new toy. It’s a brand new mobile phone. I though it was about time to get a new one and to upgrade my self to 3G. One thing I’ll miss from my old phone is the WLAN connection option that N73 lacks.

My new phone Nokia N73 with 3,2 Megapixels Carl Zeiis optics.
Nokia N73

My old phone Qtek 8310 with WLAN:
Qtek 8310 mobile phone

So stay tuned for more posts on how to mod your Nokia with Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating System. 🙂

Monday again

Monday again. As I expected the weekend went by pretty fast. I did managed to get some rest but spent most of the time on the phone supporting some friends with computer problems.

The morning at work didn’t start very well. Our ISP had some major problems and you can image how bad it is when you cann’t check your email after a weekend. After several hours it started to work again and I got about 20 email and no spam . What a nice suprise 🙂

So far so good. I’ll try to get my new toy as well from the postal office. More info about it later.

Over and out!

Finaly friday again

So .. finaly it’s friday. This has week has certainly passed by very fast. That is scary. This means that the weekend will go even faster :(  I’m finaly home from work and NOW I start to think about my plans for this weekend. So far it looks like nothing special is going to happen except for watching some movies and TV-series like Rome, Heroes and Prison Break. All three are great.

I’m also waiting for a package with my latest toy but it seems like the postal service has missplaced it somewhere.  Typical. Will have wait to monday for it. Oh well.

I wish you all a happy and nice weekend. Have fun and stay safe out there. 🙂