How to use Vista for 120 days without activation

Have changed to Vista yet? I haven’t and not planing to do so in the near future. Maybe after the fist service pack. LOL.

Anyway I found this article on how to use Vista for 120 days before you need to activate it. I take no resposibility for this. More info can be found by clicking the link below.


Monday again

Monday again. As I expected the weekend went by pretty fast. I did managed to get some rest but spent most of the time on the phone supporting some friends with computer problems.

The morning at work didn’t start very well. Our ISP had some major problems and you can image how bad it is when you cann’t check your email after a weekend. After several hours it started to work again and I got about 20 email and no spam . What a nice suprise 🙂

So far so good. I’ll try to get my new toy as well from the postal office. More info about it later.

Over and out!

Finaly friday again

So .. finaly it’s friday. This has week has certainly passed by very fast. That is scary. This means that the weekend will go even faster :(  I’m finaly home from work and NOW I start to think about my plans for this weekend. So far it looks like nothing special is going to happen except for watching some movies and TV-series like Rome, Heroes and Prison Break. All three are great.

I’m also waiting for a package with my latest toy but it seems like the postal service has missplaced it somewhere.  Typical. Will have wait to monday for it. Oh well.

I wish you all a happy and nice weekend. Have fun and stay safe out there. 🙂

The Gayest YouTube Video Ever?

Entropia Universe

Entropia Hunt

A tip for all you game freaks out there who likes to play MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. If you yet haven’t tried this excellent online game Entropia Universe then it’s about time. It’s developed by a Swedish company, MindArk, situated in Gothenburg.

Link: www.entropiauniverse.com

This game is different from for example WoW – World of Warcraft since in EU you insert and play with real money. Good or bad? Well it makes the game more intresting and also gives you a chance to profit from playing and learning more about the game. There are several ways to earn money for example by hunting, trading, crafting and even working as a space pilot to transport people to the asteroids.

This game has been out of couple of years now and is expanding all the time with new features and continents to explore. I’ve been addicted since the days long time ago when I started to play as a beta tester.

You can download the game for free without any monthly subscribtions fees.

Good luck and see you in the game. Musashi “Shike” Myamato