Bruce Springsteen today and tomorrow

Bruce Springsteen
Today is the day I’ve been waiting for so long. The wait is now over. Today July 4 Bruce Springsteen will have his first concert on Ullevi in Gothenburg, Sweden. The weather is sunny with temps around 25C and no clouds in sight. The concert starts at 21:00 so I still have to wait couple of hours. But it’s close now.

And of course. As a hardcore fan of Bruce Springsteen I have tickets for tomorrow concert as well 🙂
Yes you can call me crazy but It’s worth it.

I’ll post some kind of review later.

Snow snow snow

Last night it started to snow. And It snowed alot. Here it’s liked it looked like around 21:00 yesterday.

Snowing outside saturday evening

And here is a picture from this morning. Big difference.
Snow outside sunday morning

But it started to rain around 12:00 today and the most of the snow is gone. Maybe there will be some left if the temp falls below 0C in the evening and night but then tomorow it will be a pain the ass driving to the office. Jipiieee… NOT!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and I wish you all a great 2008.

Short summary of 2007.
We got a bad storm “PER” in January which caused alot of damage in souther parts of Sweden.
In April I met my girlfriend and her friend.
The summer was very bad. We got some nice days but most of the time is was cold and raining.
And of course during my 2 weeks vacation. That soooo typical. I also got engaged which was nice.
In september I finaly after many years got a new apartments and we moved in right away.
My old place was for sale for sometime but at last I got a buyer and I’m happy with the price.

No snow in Xmas and just very little and few snow flakes on New Years eve.

Business has been good. Got some new clients in both my private company and also on the other job.

I’m very excited since this year there will be alot of personal changes for me and my fience. 😉 You can guess.
If not you will see more in May 😉

Also business should be good. I have some plans and I hope they will go through. Keep yours finger crossed.

Here are 2 pics from New Year at a friends house. We were 4 couples and we had fun. LOL.

A weird drink
Weird blue drink

Some snow flakes
Snow flakes new year 2007

My new laptop

As promised here is my new toy #2. A brand new MACBOOK 13,3″ laptop.

Macbook box

MacBook startup
Macbook startup

The specs:
120Gb Harddrive, 4 Gb Ram, Dual-Layer DVD, running Leopard + Bootcamp with XP.

Always wanted a MAC and I got this one at a good price so it’s my new toy.

My new cam

Finaly I decided to buy a new camera. I choosed the Canon 400D with 18-55 lens for now.
The price was really good and since Canon has now a CASH BACK promotions untill Dec 31 2007 the choice was easy.

Here is a picture of the camera. Hopefully I’ll post some of my creations here as well later on.
My new camera Canon 400D

Tomorrow my new toy will arrive.. But more about this tomorrow 😉