One more day closer to weekend

Already thursday and only on more day closer to the weekend. This week has really gone fast. I got back from Barcelona on Tuesday afternoon and I just wanted to turn back as soon as we landed. The weather in Barcelona was nice 20C and sunny and when we landed it was only 3C and cloudy. It was nice 3 days down there and the bussiness went good. So I’m happy. Sadly I didnt had time to take pictures since I’ve been busy in meetings all days long BUT I will upload some pictures from the nice hotell room I had. I can really recommend this hotell placed in the central of Barcelona and it’s very close to the La Rambla. Barcelona Catedral Hotel

Now I have to get back to work. 🙂

Doing nothing can be great

So it’s saturday again. Today I’ve done some nesseccerary boring stuff such as washing my clothes, cleaned up my flat a bit and also was in the town to meet up with two girlfriends to have some coffee and ate a really good sandwich at our favorite place Wanselius. Nice place with good range of sandwitches and sallads and more.

After that we were just strolling around and I went to buy some new shoes. Sneaker type in all black colour. They were cheap and will do for a while. Now I’ll just take it easy and do nothing and relax before my meeting with another girlfriend later today. Havent seen her for almost a year so I’ma a bit excited. Hahaha… Not in that way… or maybe a little…

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Spain and Barcelona. Unfortunutly not pleasure trip just bussines as usual. Have a meeting with a supplier down there. I’ll be back on tuesday evening again. I’ll try to remember to take some photos. It’s suppose to be around 20C and sunny and that is very nice. Cant wait to sit outside and having a cold beer or Sangria and resting my eyes on some nice spanish chickas 😉

Take care, have fun and keep smiling… Coz I will…

Funny snickers commercial

A funny commercial for Snickers with some traffic lights men fightning. Now you what happens during the nights when everyone is sleeping. 😀

Wednesday – middle of the week

So now we are in the middle of working week. And I feel really tired today. I think my visit to the gym yesterday and that I didnt not eat enough as well are the reasons. I woke up at 07:00 and was already at work 07.40. I was not speeding.. Anyone believes me? 😉
Right now I just wish I was already at home and doing nothing. Need some more sleep.

So far I’ve dont alot at work. Helped a fried to unlock hers mobile phone LG u880. If you would like to know how then let me know. Maybe I share my secret with you..

The weather todays is cloudy with minor rain showers now and then and the temp. is around 7C. At least you can feel that the spring is coming soon.

Over and out for now.

Sunday with maintenance at home

Sunday again. I woke up after just sleeping around 6 hours. And because the neighbours brats that woke me up early again with the running and screaming. Dont you just hate kids. I do at least those two brats.

Anyway the party last night was fun and we were like 12 people who gathered at my friends place before we went out to the city. We ended up at the same place as usual. Alot of people as usual and also plenty of nice girls. Some more friendly than others.. LoL.. Read more…