New week

So it’s tuesday already. So far this weeks looks good with a party on saturday. I’m really looking forward saturday. Will be a fun day.

A short summary of what I did last weekend. I spend saturday with some neccessery work at home such as cleaning, washing and stuff like that. It’s a dirty job but someone got to do it.. Haha. Sunday I spent on my couch playing Xbox and watching movies and cathing up on some Tv-shows like Prison Break, Heroes and Rome.

I also watched a spanish movie Laberinto del Fauno aka Pan’s Labyrinth. The movies is 2h long and even though it looks like a fairy tale in the beginning it’s not and should not be watch by little children. The movie is about a little girl, Ofelia, and her mother moving to the spanish country side in 1944 to live together with a captain who is Ofelia’s mother new husband. Ofelia likes to read fairy tales. The captain is a not a nice person and doesnt care about her mother or Ofelia. He is very cruel and sadistic. Ofelia will meet a faun (Pan) who tells her that she is a lost princess of the underworld and the only way to get back is if she does three tasks. Also the captain has to fight against the resistance forces hiding in the forest nearby.

I can recommend this movie. It’s different and very interesting and the ends is unexpected.

Screenshot from the movie.
Pans labyrinth screenshot

More info about this movie:

A little story about my trip

Wednesday I went to Copenhangen to visit a customer and to help them setup and new machine and give them some training. The weather was not the best. It started to snow as you could see in my earlier post. On my way down south I passed a couple accidents on the road and the road was most of the time covered with ice and the wind was strong so it was a experience. It took my 5h to reach the hotell. At that time Copenhagen didnt had so much snow. I got a nice room with a a big double bed and free wlan connection. That is always nice.

When I woke up on thursday morning and looked outside I was amazed about the quantity of snow that has come during the night. It was ALOT!!! I had about 50cm of snow around my car and it was not easy or fun to get into my car. Once at the customer only half of the staff was there because the other were stuck at home due to the snow. Oh well. Setup and installation went without any problems.

My way home was an adventure. After I passed the öresundsbron over till Malmö the traffic stood still more or less. It took me 1,5h to drive 30km. I was also very close to crash. The car in front of my got into a spin, hit the safety line in the middle and was bounced back to the right in to high walls of snow. I just barely missed him with just couple of centimeters but since it was snowy on the road I was just sliding by them with a big truck almost hitting me from behind. I had to step on the gas again to move out of it’s way. I saw in my rear view mirror that other people stop and checkef that the people in the car was ok. The speed was not that high. Around 50km/h. In total it took my around 7hours with a small stop at my fathers place for some food. I was tired when I got home last night.

Here are some pictures of the snow and how the road looked like. There were long lines in both direction. Please note that it’s suppose to be a two line highway 😉

Somebody has problems.Wall of snow.Trafick almost stranding still
Pictures taken with my new NOkia N73 with a little bit dirty windows. sorry for that.

Wednesday and it’s snowing like crazy

I woke up this morning and looked out of my bedroom window and what did I see. It was snowing like crazy and it’s was very windy. Some people like snow but I don’t. It’s just not my thing. The cold weather and all the traffic problems. It took me 1 hour to get to work today and usualy it only takes 20min. And this is just the beginning. We are expecting more snow the whole day and tomorrow as well. Yipieee… NOT!!!

Here is a picture of how things looks like right now outside my office window.
Snow outside my office

I’m driwing to Denmark and Copenhagen later today and the weather is supposed to be even worse in the south part of Sweden. This is going to be interesting. I hope to be back on thursday evening or friday morning.

My new toy

Finaly I got my new toy. It’s a brand new mobile phone. I though it was about time to get a new one and to upgrade my self to 3G. One thing I’ll miss from my old phone is the WLAN connection option that N73 lacks.

My new phone Nokia N73 with 3,2 Megapixels Carl Zeiis optics.
Nokia N73

My old phone Qtek 8310 with WLAN:
Qtek 8310 mobile phone

So stay tuned for more posts on how to mod your Nokia with Symbian S60 3rd Edition operating System. 🙂